Cataracts:  Cataract is a loss of clarity of the human lens due to several causes, the most common which is aging.  Cataract Surgery is highly successful, done as an out patient procedure at our Surgery Center Located at Lake Aspen.  This procedure is done with relatively quick recovery and little discomfort.

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  Glaucoma is nerve damage and visual loss is the result of untreated glaucoma.  This disease is frequently present without patient awareness.  It can be detected with fairly simple testing and successfully treated with medication, laser and rarely surgery.

This web site will help you understand and answer some of the questions you may have about Glaucoma:

Macular Degeneration:
  Macular degeneration is the troublesome deterioration of vision due to hereditary and retinal circulatory problems.  Treatment has limited success depending on the type.  Laser treatment and drugs can help. 

More information on Macular Degeneration can be found at:

  Medical eye exams for children are important to detect problems early for treatment,  which can prevent a life long defect.  Pre-school exams are frequently important.  Children often do surprisingly well on testing since there is rarely any discomfort.

Wills Eye Hospital has an excellent we site for more information regarding eye care for children:





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